Roku, the Tiny Content Device

Gavin Sullivan, writing at Forbes:

Since piggy backing on Netflix’s transition from snail mail DVD delivery to online streaming in 2008, Roku has in five short years landed 5m of its devices into American homes, and is running neck-and-neck with Apple TV for market leader position of non-gaming (Microsoft’s Xbox, etc.) set-top boxes. Yes, that Apple.

I love my Roku. It has a wide variety of 'channels' that provide lots of on-demand and streaming content. I'm a bit surprised that this small company hasn't been purchased by one of the other larger competitors (Google, I'm looking at you).

By the way, in case you were wondering about the oddly familiar-sounding name, from Wikipedia:

The company was founded in October 2002, by ReplayTV founder Anthony Wood. Roku means "six" in Japanese, a reference to the six companies Wood has launched.