Apple Needs to Improve Siri's Speech Style

Tom Cheredar, in a post over at VentureBeat:

While plenty has been said about Apple’s often sassy voice assistant feature, Siri, the technology giant thinks it can do even better, according to a recent job posting. Apple wants Siri to be more conversational, and as such, it’s seeking someone with both the technical capabilities as well as a love of words to fill a new position.

It's interesting that Apple posted this on LinkedIn.  I'm actually a fan of using Siri, and it is heartening to see that Apple is seemingly doing what it can to make Siri better.

However, it should be noted that I think Google's voice-controlled search assistant in the Google Search app on iOS provides a more 'natural' feel than does Siri.  That's not to say that Google's assistant provides better or worse results than Siri (my experience has been roughly equivalent with using both), but rather that Siri's voice doesn't sound as smooth as Google's voice.  Actually, I sometimes find Siri's voice to be a bit grating to the ear.

I hope that this job posting isn't going to be purely focused on making Siri more 'witty', but rather that the individual who takes on this role will hopefully be empowered to make Siri better as a whole (including the voice).