Inside the Airbus A350 Cockpit

Zach Honig, over at Engadget:

As you might expect, the cockpit is as modern as they come, with large LCDs taking the place of traditional avionics. In fact, the layout looks more like something you'd find on a stock broker's desk -- it's quite a contrast to the aging panels many commercial pilots still use today.

The video in the source link gives us a glimpse at what the cockpit of the A350 is like. The cockpit, to no one's surprise, is a splendid example of a so-called 'glass cockpit'.  The large display panels allow for system flexibility and enhanced awareness for pilots. I have experience writing software for Boeing's Electronic Logbook, so I was quite interested in seeing the A350's Class 3 Electronic flight bag. The sheer size of the LCD panel is impressive.

Check out the video, folks.