Looks like Lockerz is Pivoting Into a New Site Named 'Ador'

John Cook, over at GeekWire:

Lockerz appears to be unlocking its next chapter. The Seattle social commerce startup is behind a service called Ador, a new online fashion site where shoppers can “get new arrivals & sales alerts from your favorite stores.”

I previously wrote about Lockerz and its troubles, and this news seems to be part of the fallout from those issues. Based on separate information that has come to my attention, it sounds like the Lockerz team is pivoting to a new business model. The current model for Lockerz is to encourage users to share their favorite fashion styles and products via social networks (e.g. Facebook) by giving those users discounts on products based on their sharing and curation activities. The new business model, it seems, is to switch to a new site (Ador) which revolves around providing a service that acts as a sort of 'RSS Reader' for fashion styles, trends, and sales. In some respects, this is like a cross between Trendabl and Poshmark

It remains to be seen if this pivot will be successful, but it is at the very least quite an interesting idea.