Path is Getting Its Hand Slapped

Bryan Bishop, over at The Verge regarding the social network app Path having its API access restricted by Facebok:

The spamming behavior first went into effect with a March 6th update to the app. It gained traction when a digital marketer named Stephen Kenwright signed up with the app, and discovered that multiple individuals from his contacts received Path text notification early the next morning — even though he'd subsequently deleted the app on his own device. In that particular case, some of the texts manifested as robocalls due to the way local phone companies dealt with text messages sent to landlines.

It isn't at all surprising that Path would pull something like this. They've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar before. Also, what would you expect from a company whose CEO has this kind of personality?

I don’t use a ring of any kind on my phone. This is so that I am always on offense and never defense.