Google Glass Could Be a Real Winner

Amar Toor, in a post for The Verge:

Excitement has been building around the project ever since Google first announced it last summer, and will no doubt swell going forward, now that the company has given a fuller idea of its augmented reality future. According to Google, today's video "actually shows how Glass works."

It's easy to see why people would be excited about what was recently shown for the Google Glass project. The product is the latest example of the trend towards wearable computing. It will provide its users with some interesting features.

First up is media capture and sharing. Google Glass supports taking pictures, recording videos, live video conferencing via Google Hangout, and sharing all of that media with others. This is, of course, functionality that could be done via existing mobile devices, yet the ability to do these things hands-free opens up new possibilities for sharing information. The video in the source link shows quite a few examples of the devices being used while performing other activities such as flying an airplane, swinging on the trapeze, or engaging in a Kendo duel.

Next is the ability to get contextual information such as navigation directions, airport and flight details, weather information, and Google search. In my opinion, this is the true 'meat' of the video. While the media capture capabilities are sexier, the contextual information is what the typical user will get the most value out of on a daily basis. Navigation, in particular, is quite useful when offered hands-free (for example, while walking).

Folks, this very well could be The Next Big Thing.