Google Paying for Traffic Over a Network Sets a Bad Precedent

Ewan Spence, at Forbes:

This is a wedge moment. Google appears to have blinked and decided that Android’s market share is more important than the principles behind net neutrality. Orange is quietly letting others know they have a deal in place, and you can be sure the rest of the world’s networks are wondering how they can get their slice of the pie.

This sets a really bad precedent.  I can understand why Google felt that this was a good move (or at least the lesser of two evils), but this business deal will only further encourage the networks to do more 'double-dipping'.

That's honestly what this is, folks: double-dipping.  The networks are upset at their role as 'dumb pipes' and are attempting to grab more money by charging end users for Internet service and trying to bully web services (like Google) into also paying for the privilege of delivering services to those users.