Microsoft Should Be Allowed To Have Sales, Too

Paul Thurrott, on Supersite for Windows:

How dare Microsoft make Windows 8 Pro available so cheaply for a pre-set period of time and then simply begin pricing it normally exactly when they previously announced they would do so. How dare they!

As Paul correctly points out in his article, there isn't any good reason for folks to be angry at Microsoft.  The pricing was clearly on a time-limited promotional basis.  The normal pricing is exactly the same as Windows 7 pricing.  

Perhaps part of the reason for the outrage is the way some in the tech media have presented the story in their headlines.  Instead of choosing a headline like "Microsoft Is Jacking Up The Price Of Windows 8 Upgrades", why not choose the more neutral (and honestly, more accurate) headline of "Promotional Pricing Ends for Windows 8 Upgrades"?